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SCANDAL – What Will Happen With Olivia’s Mom?

The Scandal season starts back up on February 27th and we can’t wait! We left off with Olivia’s biggest mistake so far. ¬†Allowing her Mom to leave the country as an escaped terrorist will NOT look good on her resume and I’m sure that Fitz will be covering his tracks! He put his job on […]

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SCANDAL – Ride Sally Ride – Mellie and Liv become “Gal-Pals” and Harrison Steals Abby’s Gun!

Scandal Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers Things are getting HEATED at the white house and now it looks like Mellie is back on the campaign trail to make her man President for a second term, no matter what it takes. In an ABC Promo, we see Olivia walk in to a restaurant with Mellie sitting […]

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SCANDAL – What’s To Come of James and Cyrus?

In the last few episodes, we see Cyrus setting his husband Jame’s up in a devious scheme that will certainly come back to haunt him. Knowing that Sally’s husband Daniel is Gay, he tricks his James into interviewing ¬†him, in hopes that pictures that can be used as blackmail against Sally. The catch? James doesn’t […]

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